Saturday, November 6, 2010

35 Weeks

Not the best picture, but I had to take this with the self-timer while Nick was asleep.
Wow!  I haven't done a weekly post since 29 weeks!  It's been a pretty crazy 6 weeks, as you know, but Baby H and I are still doing great.  People have started to ask me if I'm incredibly ready to have the pregnancy over and done with, and the answer is, well, maybe...sometimes!  I'm really still feeling good and haven't yet felt a strong compulsion to just have it all over with.  I know we'll be elated when she gets here, but right now I'm still feeling pretty patient.
We start weekly check-ups on Wedesday, and I guess that's when they'll start "checking" things to see if anything is happening yet.  I'm NOT looking forward to that process, but it will be nice to know if anything is changing (definitely don't think so).  At our last check-up on Wednesday everything looked great.  She's measuring right on, and my blood pressure has been better the last two office visits.  (It hadn't been bad, just slowly creeping higher).  She's also head-down and low, with her head resting right on top of my bladder - fun times all around!  Because of how she's resting I've been having a good amount of pressure and some dull pain in my pelvic area, along with a little crampiness.  My midwife assures me that all of this is normal, and doesn't mean anything. 
I've been working hard on nursery things the past few days.  There's still more work to do, but I've been pretty crafty!  Unfortunately, since my craft projects involve things like baby girl's name and monogram I can't show you until after she gets here! 
As far as an update on Nick, he's doing okay following his shoulder surgery.  He is in a lot of pain and is having a really hard time sleeping.  The fact that he's now working nights has made it that much worse.  Please pray that he will be able to be comfortable and get some sleep!


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You're looking great, Lindsay. Did you know that Gary and I went to Santa Fe and Taos the summer before Phoebe was born in December? We camped out one night at the ski basin in Santa Fe and ate at the Tiger Lily Cafe. Their entire menu seemed to consist of eggs from free-range chickens, jalapeno potato chips, and M&Ms ... not exactly what I was craving, but it was the only place open on the long road up from Santa Fe. Nothing at the basin was open. (This was the summer of 1990.) We also didn't tell our babies' names before they were born.
Love you! Aunt Susan