Saturday, May 15, 2010

Leaving South Carolina

We left Columbia two weeks ago, and we really miss it! The biggest things we miss, of course, are our friends and our church. There are other things too, though, like restaurant selection and shopping options! We really tried to soak up our favorite things about Cola before we left - here are a few pictures.
Okay, the apartment wasn't one of our favorite parts of Columbia, but I love this picture of Finlay looking confused in our apartment on Friday night before we left on Saturday. Our friends Michael and Kelly brought us over some road goodies - thanks guys! We really enjoyed them, especially our favorite cookies from The Fresh Market. Here are Michael and Nick...
And me with Kelly!

For our last meal, Nick chose Rockaway's, home of the famous pimiento cheese fries and pimiento cheese burger. This place is so good that when "W" visited a while back, here ate here. It can be hard to find because there's no sign! It's definitely a local favorite. Here I am with Melissa, my friend and co-worker at USC. This picture was taken right before my sweet going away party at work.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures with ALL of my favorite people and places, but at least now you have a sample! To all our friends in Cola, we miss you so much!!! It's not too early to start planning your ski trips to Red River, Angel Fire, or Taos...

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kelly said...

We are so "in" for a ski trip! Maybe we can make it a Pathfinder Winter'll have to tell us which ski area is the best. Miss you!!!