Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family Day Picnic

Today Nick, Finlay, and I went to a family day picnic hosted by Nick's new squadron. It was fun getting to meet some of the guys Nick will be working with and their cute wives. This is a pretty big squadron so there will be lots more people to meet, but today was a good start! Finlay was the star of the show today. He sat sweetly while TONS of kids, of all ages, came up to him and petted him. All I heard all day was "what a good dog" and "he's so well-behaved!" We were proud dog parents.
In other news, we're leaving tomorrow for Mandy's wedding extravaganza. We'll be spending several days in New Braunfels and then flying to Mexico for the big day. We're super excited about the time with family and the relaxing time we'll have at our fabulous resort. We won't be back until after Memorial Day so don't expect any more posts until then!

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