Saturday, February 21, 2009


This afternoon Nick and I ran some pre-deployment errands, picking up duffel bags, socks, underwear, etc. By far our most important purchases were a laptop for him and a webcam for me. We'll be able to use Skype to video chat every day (or almost every day at least) while he's deployed! It's amazing to think about how technological innovations improve the deployment experience for service members and their families. Of course letters have been around, in some form, for just about as long as people have been fighting wars. Over time mail delivery has become faster and more reliable. We still rely on the mail service to deliver packages of necessities and goodies to our loved ones in the desert and elsewhere. I've talked to people who, during the Vietnam War, exchanged audio tapes with loved ones who were overseas to keep in touch. More recently we've been able to use phones and the internet to keep up with each other. During Nick's last deployment we relied on e-mails and weekly phone calls. This time we will be able to see each other and talk to each other frequently. In the grand scheme of things, I don't think I could ask for much more. Skype will certainly be a lifeline during this deployment.

This morning I happened upon a blog that a sorority sister and college friend of mine, who is also an Air Force wife, started. It's called Confessions of an Air Force wife. The latest post on there is a great description of what we AF wives do. You can check out the blog in my Friends' Blogs links to the left.


Anonymous said...

Dad's at Circiut City right now looking at their webcams...Love -

Air Force Wives said...

i thought we were gonna be able to use skype too but turns out their internet connection over there sucks a big one! grrrr.

David said...

Skype is so fun! My family loves it! We're all over the place and we get to talk to each other and show each other things so much. It is great! I'm so glad you and Nick will get to benefit from it, it will prove to be such a comfort, I'm sure!