Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lifeline II

Today our choir, from the Trenholm Road United Methodist, came together with the choir from St. Joseph's Catholic Church and two children's choirs from the Columbia area for a benefit concert. This was planned through an initiative of the Midlands Interfaith Homeless Action Council, called Light the Way for the Homeless Through the Arts. You can read about the MIHAC here: The issue of homelessness is especially urgent in Columbia for a number of reasons outlined on the MIHAC website, and is something that has really bothered me since we moved here so Nick and I were happy to be able to participate in this event.

The concert was a fantastic opportunity, not only to support the homeless initiative, but to spend time with our choir friends. Along with our young adult sunday school class, the choir has already provided a huge support system for me. Of course everyone is very concerned about Nick's impending deployment, and I can't tell you how many times, today alone, that I heard things like "well, you've got a great support system here" or, "we'll just have to keep you extra busy at the church" or "you'll just have to spend Easter at our house!" That latter comment was made by Paula Wilson, our choir director and mother of my friend Kelly, and I intend to take her up on it.

So you see, Skype (if and when it works reliably in the wilderness of Afghanistan) is not my only lifeline during Nick's deployment. I've got an entire network of caring and fun-loving friends to depend on when the going gets tough. Do I believe that this is all of my doing? Well, my winning personality aside, I know that God has prepared the way for me by leading me to TRUMC and helping to foster these friendships. This is just another way in which I can see Him working in my life, giving me everything I need to walk down the path He's prepared for me.

P.S. to Mom and Dad - these friends really want to meet you so you might keep that in mind when you schedule your flight for my hooding in May!

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Anonymous said...

We will plan our flight so that we can go to church with you before we leave. Promise. I, too, am grateful for God's provision, and to tell you the truth, I already knew He would be faithful to provide what you and Nick both need throughout this deployment. Doesn't mean it'll be a breeze, but it does mean you both will have everything you need. I'm glad you have a family with whom you will be spending Easter Sunday. Tell them thanks for me. Love - Mom