Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Work in Progress

Ok, Mom, this one's for you. I know you're dying to see what the new apartment looks like so even though it's certainly not a finished product, here's what we've got so far. Highlights include tons of bright windows, two walk-in closets, and a garden tub in our bathroom. We plan to get a new entertainment center, desk, and curtains ASAP. And for any of you wondering where some of our missing furniture is, we've put some big pieces, like our piano and buffet, into climate controlled storage until we have a house big enough to accomodate them. Hope you all like the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Looks terrific! Much brighter and open than your previous place. I know you are glad to have the additional space.



Anonymous said...

You are quite the decorator. It looks beautiful.
Love, Lauri

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! LOVE all the natural light, and the decor is outstanding. So glad for you! Love - Mom

Anonymous said...

It LOVE it! All the windows are great and looks like everything fits perfectly! Can't wait to come see it.
Love, Rebecca