Sunday, March 23, 2008

Forget Paris! I love CAROLINA in the springtime.

One thing that this part of the country does better than Texas is the early springtime. It is painful for me to admit that anywhere could be better than Texas at any time, but it's true. The beauty of all of the blossoming trees is incredible! Sometimes as I walk through campus I am showered by tiny flower petals falling from the trees. At our house we have four camelia trees, two are bright pink and two are snowy white, and they have been blooming since February. We also have several azalea bushes in the front yard that are just starting to flower. Beautiful!

We also want to wish everyone a happy Easter! We attended Easter services at the church we've been visiting, Shandon UMC. Later this evening we'll join several of our friends for Easter dinner at our friends Susan and Catherine's house. I'm briging cheese grits and Hello Dollies.

Finlay didn't quite make it to church this morning, and he was too distracted to appear in the Easter "family portrait," but he didn't want to be left out entirely. Here he is modeling the new tie Nick got for Easter. Shockingly, he looks pretty happy!

Happy Easter everyone!

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Anonymous said...

I have to admit that it does appear to be lovely there. You & Nick look pretty great, too! Even Finlay. :) (Nice tie, by the way.) Sure did miss you at the family gatherings this past week... BTW, Bob Johns sends his love to you two. Love -