Friday, March 14, 2008


I just got back form my first Spring Break at the beach ever. Although it wasn't as warm as the SB I spend in Scottsdale, AZ in college, it was definitely warm enough to hang out on the beach and get some sun! Some of my best friends here got together and stayed at a family beach house owned by the grandmother of my friend Kelly. It's a little south of Myrtle Beach in Surfside Beach, SC.
I came back a little sunburned, but with some great memories of my friends before they all take off for their big, real-world careers. It also reminded me of some of my favorite times growing up at the Colvin family summers in Galveston. I went on a few beach walks, picked up some pretty shells for my collection (but couldn't find any whole sand dollars!), even saw a few jellyfish. The water was unfortunately too cold to play wave-busters. I hope that Nick and I will get to make at least one trip to the beach this summer, maybe then the water will be a bit warmer.
This weekend we'll be celebrating St. Pat's in Five Points so we'll bring back some pictures for you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time. Love those beach walks! Love - Mom