Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Weekend

Although I haven't done much this weekend I thought I'd report on the few things I did do. The entire weekend, clearly, has been overshadowed by COMPS fever. I take my big test on Friday so everyone please say a little prayer that I pass!

Yesterday Fin and I went for a walk by the Congaree River with our friends Timmy and Zoe. Timmy is the husband of a good friend of mine who was also out of town this weekend and Zoe is their beagle mix. Timmy took pity on me being cooped up studying, and Finlay had a blast walking down by the river. We'll definitely have to do this as a double date once Nick comes home!

This weekend Nicholas had a mini-reunion with some high school friends in Austin. It sounds like they had a blast, and for those of you wondering he saw Jason, Casey, Jen, and Nathan as well as his sister Andrea and her boyfriend Drew.

Tonight I'll be watching chick flicks in my pj's, doing a mani-pedi, and generally trying to prepare for the huge week ahead. In addition to my test on Friday, as a part of my graduate assistantship I will be helping oversee student body elections on Monday and Tuesday. Ack!

Fin and I are signing off and wishing all of you a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and pulling for you. You'll do mah-velously! Love -