Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guest Room Make-Over

Today I finally broke down and did something I've been wanting to do since we moved to South Carolina. I bought new bedding for our guest bedroom. Until today we had no actual bedspreads for the twin beds in there. We have been using some light blue blankets that have definitely seen their better days so when I saw some green and yellow quilts on sale at Target today I went for it. I fell in love with some throw pillows that really add as much as a grown-up touch to twin beds as possible, and I got everything on sale or clearance. Enjoy the pictures - maybe they'll inspire you to pay us a visit!


Anonymous said...

it looks great Lindsay! Good work!

Hope your test went well :) - Rachel

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Maybe you should have stayed with your original major of interior design... Love you - Mom

Anonymous said...

Nice job! Can't wait to get home to see it!


Anonymous said...

Love what you did to your guest bedroom! I was also struck with nostalgia to notice the little chest between the beds. It's got a fresh coat of paint, but we had one of each on the side of the bookcase headboard my dad had built for us when we lived in Lubbock where your mother was born.
Love, Bobo