Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! We're sad we can't be with any or all of you today and tomorrow, but we are planning our own little Christmas here in Columbia. We thought it might be fun to give you a running blog today and tomorrow so that you can kind of experience these days with us! Oh, and we will try to post a video tomorrow for your enjoyment.

Today the plan is to cook, go see the Golden Compass, cook some more, eat dinner, got to a 9 p.m. Christmas Eve service, and then get ready for Santa to come!

We should mention that instead of Tiny Tim this year, we have Tiny Fin. He's been limping since last night when his friend Rocket came over to play. Nothing seems broken, and he can bear weight on the leg so we think it will get better over time.

Well, check back in later for an update! Oh, and for those of you on my side of the family who have not yet been gotten, CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!!!

We are currently in the midst of the cooking for our big Christmas dinner, which we will eat tonight, per the Hall family tradition. I've made the twice-baked potatoes and the grits are just about to go in. We still have the green bean casserole to cook, the ham and the rolls to warm, and the sauce to make, but so far so good. Sorry about the burned pumpkin pie, Mom!

We saw The Golden Compass earlier, for our Christmas Eve movie, and we really liked it! We can't wait for the sequel!! The Reitmeiers will have to let us know about Charlie Wilson's War. Well, I'm off to do more baking. We'll update again soon.


Anonymous said...

Burned the pumpkin pie. Bought new ingredients AND A KITCHEN TIMER! Replacement pie seems OK. All wrapped. Off to take banana nut bread to your GPs. Sure do miss you three! Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay and Nick!

We're all at our house right now - just pigged out on lasagne! Yes, we ate some sweets for you!!
We miss you and will be thinking about you - Love ya!
Aunt Sherri & the gang

Oh, and Alex is watching Nat'l Lampoons Christmas vacation right now!

Anonymous said...

Miss you SOOOOOOOOO much! Wish all 3 of you were here. . . Love you -
Mom, Dad, & Mark