Thursday, December 20, 2007

Heeeeey Sic'Em Bears!!!

Last night Nick and I attended the Baylor vs. South Carolina basketball game here in Columbia, courtesy of Steve, my U-101 co-instructor. Thanks Steve! We had a blast! Steve was good enough to give us his season tickets, which put us right in the middle of gamecock country. Possibly, this was not good. We got a few dirty looks, and once someone tried to kick us out of our seats (they didn't believe that we really had the tickets). We made it through the first half unscathed, probably because the Bears were not doing so hot. We were very classy fans, only clapping a few times whenever Baylor did something good.

At halftime we met up with the Killens. For those of you who don't know, Robin Killen is originally from Waco, grew up in Woodway, and graduated from Midway High. For any ex-Panthers out there, her mom is Mrs. Beck, who teaches geometry at the high school. She took me in and helped us a lot when we moved to Sumter (which is where the Killens live). I also have spent some time hanging out with her kids (pictured below) and I was excited to get to see them again!
Rebekah, Robin, Mary Kate, Ruthie, and I

In the end, the Bears pulled out the win, and Nick and I were so proud!


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Bears!!! The bangs are very cute, by the way. (Has Nick noticed the change, yet?) Off to get ready for a deb party. Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm still reading I promise =) I'm so glad the bears won and yall got to see. I love the bangs, very very cute. I'm sad I won't see you in waco over Christmas, it just won't be the same. Talk to you soon!