Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 Months!

Evie is two months old today!  Wow!  Of course when I got out the Rebel to take her 2 month picture this is what I got - NOT in the mood for a photo shoot.  So, below there are some pictures from the past week that were taken with my iPhone.  The quality leaves something to be desired, but I think the model is cute enough to make up for the iPhone camera's shortcomings, don't you?

Glamour shot

All bundled up to visit Carolyn yesterday!

Big smile!  (Complete with spit-up remnant - yummy)

Evie's last few weeks have been pretty crazy, but she's been a fabulous sport.  Two weeks ago we arrived in Waco and my grandfather died the next day.  For anyone interested, you can see his obituary here - especially interesting to those of you musical friends out there. His funeral wasn't until last Saturday so Evie spent a week being transported back and forth to my grandmother's house, meeting various family members and friends.  She was a perfect angel the whole time!  She almost never cried or fussed and slept through a lot of the activity.  However, her schedule got really off and she didn't have much time for developmental playtime.  We've spent this week enjoying some rest and trying to catch her up on her two month old tasks. 
I don't know height, weight, etc. since we have to wait until we're back in New Mexico to see her pediatrician.  Evie's Aunt Lauren is doing her nursing clinical in pediatrics right now and performed the Denver II test on her this week.  Here are some things she is doing now:
Smiling when she's happy!  This happens a lot in the morning and on her changing pad in Grandma Edie and Grandad's room.
Following items with her eyes.  Yesterday she was "talking" to my dad, and when he walked away she searched for him.
She responds to sounds and likes to make her own.  She now has pretty discernible cries for being uncomfortable, frustrated, hungry, etc.  She also grunts and lot.  Not exactly the sweet "coo's" I imagined.
When she is on her playmat she enjoys hitting items over and over and touching them with her hands.  She has also begun to reach out to touch my face when I am close to her.
She HATES tummy time!  She is getting better at doing it, but she whimpers all the way through it.  It's so sad, but I know she has to do it. Ugh.
She now loves her bath, just not getting out of it.  She smiles and splashes around in the water the entire time.
She sleeps at least 6 hours most nights and then goes back to sleep for another 2-3 after eating.  Many nights she sleeps 7-8 hours solid.  Hallelujah!
She is eating every 2-2 1/2 hours now.  I'm trying to break her habit of eating every two hours since I know she can go longer, but I hate it when she gets angry about waiting!
Her hair is not falling out, just coming in thicker and a little lighter.  Her eyes are getting bluer every day - we think that's how they'll stay.
Sorry that was long - more for my memory than anything!   


Joanna said...

Sweet, sweet girl! Love that yawn! :)

Christine said...

Ok, she is a doll! I love the pictures!Since I started my blog, I'm just loving reading friends blogs! It's so fun to keep up with you!

Amanda Thompson said...

She is precious!!! She and Kinley are doing a lot of the same things at 2 months. Loves bathtime too and HATES being on her tummy unless it's on her changing mat (her favorite place) and right after eating! She is just precious and I enjoy watching her grow through your great blog posts!!

Anna M said...

How great you have recorded all this. You'll be happy you did because in a year, all these little details will be stacked behind her new accomplishments. I'm glad she was a good little traveler--sorry to hear about your grandfather, too.