Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Break Pics

Christmas pics - enjoy!
White Christmas at Mom and Dad's house! Here's Fin, taking it all in.
My cousin Kelli's son, Parker, with me on Christmas Day
Mark, Lauren, and me at Barkin' Ball on New Year's Eve
Mom, Dad, and me at Barkin' Ball
I know I've been a delinquent blogger once again! The thing about getting to do fun things, like traveling home to see family, is that they're exciting, but all the travel and the chores on the front and back ends of trips also sap my energy. At any rate, I had a great time in Texas visiting my family over the holidays. I miss it already, but I'll be back soon enough for my sister-in-law, Mandy's, bachelorette party in February. Woo hoo! I hope you enjoyed the pictures from my trip home. I will try to do better with my blogging in the future...

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Looking forward to fun (?) in Clovis with you in February. Lovely, balmy, lush Clovis in February. :) Love - Mom