Friday, November 20, 2009

Armed Forces Network Story

Hello everyone this is Nick posting. Lindsay and I are enjoying our time here in Indiana as I help train our PRT replacements who are just beginning their pre-deployment training.

A few weeks ago, a reporter from the Armed Forces Network (AFN) came out the Laghman to do a story on our strategy for implementing governance and development in our province. Although you may be hearing conflicting messages in the news with regard to a decision on a way forward in Afghanistan, this report gives an overview of how we in Laghman have decided to implement the COIN (counter insurgency) principles on the ground in our AO (area of operation). AFN news stories play on AFN in theater (deployed locations) and on the Pentagon Channel which is played "inside the beltway."

If the inbed doesn't work try this link:


Lauren said...

Nick, that's you in the video! You must be famous!

Keep up the good work - and we're glad you and Lindsay can spend some time this week.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you, Nick! Can't wait to pass this link around at work . . . Love from your "Other Mother" (a.k.a. Mother-in-law)