Friday, September 25, 2009

Extra Prayer Needed This Weekend!

I just talk to Nick, who is headed out tomorrow to the COP (Command Outpost). This is, as it sounds, a more remote area away from the base. He is flying out, so no worries about IED's, but in Nick's words, there are more "bad guys" around the COP than around the normal FOB. Please pray for Nick's safety while he is at the outpost, and pray that he will be able to accomplish the work he needs to do.

As I was looking for a verse that was appropriate for this latest challenge, I happened upon this passage from 2 Samuel: You can read the whole chapter on Bible Gateway, but if you don't want to take the time, it's about a time when God rescued David from his enemies, from "violent men." I'm sending it to Nick, and I will keep it close at hand until Nick returns from this mission.


Anonymous said...

We continue to lift you two up in prayer! Thanks for the update so we can pray more specifically. Love, Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

You and Nick and his company have our prayers. We will be especially diligent this weekend.
Love, Bobo

SCW said...

Lindsay, our prayers are with you (and have been). And, way to go SC over Ole Miss! Love, Aunt Susan & Uncle Gary