Sunday, July 12, 2009

Buried Treasure

Today I read my Canon manual and played around with the different settings. I've realized that it's going to take some serious studying to get really good at this! A longtime friend, Michelle, told me about a great website that I will be poring over in the near future that should give me some tips. I hope y'all like pictures of Finlay because right now he's pretty much my only subject. Today we went to a sand pile that was set up for VBS at the church next door, where Fin dug for buried treasure. Apparently the VBS people did some type of archeological theme this year, and they buried rawhide bones in the sand. For the last few weeks Finlay goes straight there to look for them when we go for walks. Here are a few pictures from my first trial run with the camera (beyond the fully automatic mode).Digging, not even in the sand anymore...not sure what he was thinking!King of the Hill!Glamour shot

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the pictures, Lindsay. Hey, go get Finlay some Rawhide bones and tell him they are from Grandmommy. :) Love you - Mom