Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bec's Big Move

Next weekend two of my favorite friends will be visiting Columbia on their way from Texas to Baltimore. My best friend Rebecca and her boyfriend Michael will be here in just 6 days! I've spent the last few weeks telling people that my "best friend" is coming to visit, and at the age of 26 that phrase sometimes sounds silly. I thought I'd just justify this by showing the oldest picture I own of us. I think that this is of from our first birthday (we're just 4 days apart). How many of you have know your best friend that long?
Rebecca is moving up to Baltimore, where she will begin a fabulous new job. She'll also be closer to Michael while he is in med school at Johns Hopkins. I am so excited for her to start this new chapter in life and for her to join me as an official Texas ex-pat!

Here we are during a trip to NYC. Michael was there too, along with our friend Ben. This was immediately prior to the Blizzard of '06. Just for kicks here's a picture of our group of friends senior year of high school. Many of us have been friends since kindergarten or first grade. It's amazing to think about where we all are now. Some are married, some have kids, one just played in the MLB All Star game...Also love that Michael and Rebecca are together in the middle.
On another note, today is a deployment milestone. Nick will be gone for a full year, including his 3 months of training which began April 1. Since today marks one month since he took off for Afghanistan I am making the 26th of the month official milestone day from here on out. This means that our separation is one-third over. Just 8 more months to go!


Anonymous said...

Ah, memories! BTW, neither of you seems too impressed with that first birthday party . . . Glad the first part of the deployment is over. We can't wait to get Nick back here with us! Love -

Rebecca said...

I can't wait to see you this weekend!!! I feel so honored to be on the blog! I feel kinda famous =) I love the pictures too. I will call you this week! love you bff. rebecca

Anna M said...

it's not crazy to say best friends at 26! I understand have Nick who is your best-best friend/husband and then you have your best girl friend. :o)