Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Look for an Old Favorite

Today I decided to re-cover my dining table chairs (two of which actually reside in the living room). These babies have been around longer than I have. It's true! I actually learned from Mom and Dad last weekend that the set I now have was purchased by them circa 1979. It's no wonder that the once cream colored fabric on the chairs had faded to a nasty yellowish, stained color. I've been afraid to mess them up by re-covering them, but today I decided that something had to be done. The reason? My women's group is coming to my house next month, and I just couldn't stand for them to have to sit on those old nasty chairs.
I've had a few comments like "you did that by yourself?" so I thought I'd share with you all how this was done. The key, as the lady in fabric store shared with me, was in having an electric staple gun. Mine is a $30 model that I purchased at Target. For six dining chairs you'll need 2 and 1/4 yards of fabric (make sure to buy upholstery grade). My fabric was very reasonably priced at $22/yard. Once I got the fabric home, I unscrewed the seat cushions from the chairs, cut the fabric, and stapled it on top of the existing fabric. Bah-da-bing! All told, this project took 4 hours, soup to nuts, and cost me less than $100 (not including new pillows). How easy is that?!
Here are the pictures!
The two arm chairs with their new fabric and pillows. So much better!The blue chair got new pillows too. I also took some extra fabric and framed it above the chair to tie it all together.This picture isn't so great, but you can tell more about the fabric.

One of the cute little dragonflies!


Suze said...

Oh, I really like it! They look great and the framed fabric is a fantastic touch! Well done!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the fabric!! Great job =)
- Rebecca

Anonymous said...

We have a foot stool covered with that same fabric in our living room! I only wish I could take credit for it. I'm doing well just to match shirts with my khaki pants.

Cousin Dater Matt