Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Break, Chapter 1

We're baaack! After two weeks on the road, Nick, Finlay, and I arrived home at our apartment in Columbia last night. Two weeks of fun, family, and friends produced lots of pictures and stories so I'm going to take the break a few pieces at a time.
Chapter 1, Part 1: Sunday School serves dinner at Salvation Army
Sunday, December 21st, our SS class served dinner at the Salvation Army. It was fun to see everyone in action, and Nick and I got to wear hairnets as we worked on the serving line!

Chapter 1, Part 2: Fire at Kensington Place
On our way into town, on day two of our 16 hour drive from South Carolina, Mom informed us that there had been some "excitement" since we'd last spoken to her from the Texas-Louisiana border. Excitement indeed! Mark, my little brother, had narrowly escaped a fire at his and Lauren's apartment. Fortunately he caught it before things got really ugly, and, in what may come as a surprise to some of you, he took their cat, Rocky, to safety before he went for any electronics. These pictures are of us trying to repair the hole in their wall, in the dark.

Stay tuned for pictures from Christmas Day, our visit to Austin, and New Year's Eve!

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Mark said...

You look way too excited holding those flashlights haha...