Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sing your praise to the Lord!

So, Nick and I have decided to join our church choir. We both like to sing so it wasn't a totally foreign idea for us to begin with, but when I mentioned to my friend Kelly, whose mom just happens to be the music director for our church, that a song the choir had sung one Sunday morning was a piece Nick and I had learned for All Region auditions in high school, we were recruited. Tonight was our first practice, and we had a blast. Look out for more to come from our adventures in church choir!

In additional news, we'll be officially joining our church at the end of next month. Woo hoo! Posts are slow now, and I apologize, but I've hit my busy season at work. Bear with me, and I'll come up with a good picture or two in the next few days.

Last, we really do have a big praise to sing. We were able to pay off Nick's first college loan this month!!! It wasn't a big one, but it's the first one, and it feels like a big milestone.

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Anonymous said...

Hoorays all around! Congratulations on paying off that loan! The church will be blessed by the addition of your voices to the choir - and so will you. Love you - Mom