Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Time!

I'm in Chicago this week at the NACADA conference (national academic advising association), and I've got a few pictures to show you! Now, I know this is a lot of me, but Nick told me today that he's been checking the blog for pictures so please indulge me for his sake. By the way, all is well in Qatar, aside from the fact that he's sleeping in a shipping container. Please continue to pray for his comfort, his stamina, and his safe return in a few weeks.
Spouses get-together Tuesday night. We made pottery!

At the top of the John Hancock building - Chicago skyline.

Close-up of me and tall buildings!

Melissa - world's greatest supervisor - and I getting some deep dish pizza at Gino's East!


Susan said...

I like all the pictures too! Hope you're enjoying Chicago!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Glad you had fun & are back home safely with Finlay. Love & prayers to Nick (since I know he'll see this). Love you - Mom