Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2 Big Things

Tomorrow morning I have an interview for my dream job at USC. Please wish me luck!

I'll also be putting together my first hurricane emergency preparedness kit, per the Red Cross. I figured that since I actually got a notice about the storm from the electric company I should look into getting ready for Hanna (and maybe Ike, we'll see). No worries Mom - we'll be set if Hanna gets to us!

Hope everyone is having a great short week!


Anonymous said...

You know me well. I have been fretting about Hanna ever since they said it would head to the Atlantic Coast. Glad you are preparing, and that Nick is still there.

Good luck tomorrow! Love you - Mom

Anonymous said...

Your new apartment looks so cute.
Hopefully Hanna will bypass you but an emergency kit is good to have ready. We missed you and Nick at Kelli's wedding and will try to get you some photos. Congratulations on achieving your Master's! What an accomplishment! Love, Aunt Sherri