Monday, May 12, 2008

Poor Fin

Our poor baby Finlay had to go to the vet today because of some serious allergy issues he's been having. He's been biting himself and getting sores everywhere. According to the vet he has a really bad flea allergy (we have tried everything to get rid of the fleas in our house and yard from sprays to spectracide, but it just won't work!) so he got a serious prescription flea treatment. The vet says that K-9 Advantix pales in comparison to this stuff! He's also on oral antibiotics, oral steroids, and eye ointment. The vet also thinks that he may have food and environmental allergies so when we go back in three weeks we may address those issues as well. My poor baby!

The good news is that contrary to previous experiences with meds, he did not throw up any of his pills. He is a bit sluggish, though, so we hope that he gets better very soon! Little does he know that once he does get better he has to get shaved and neutered. It may be a long summer for poor Fin.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, poor, poor Finlay. :( First the itching. Then the sores. Then the shaving. Then, ! ! !

Love you, Fin - Grandmommy