Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good News and Other Adventures

First for the good news: the paper I submitted to The Mentor will be published in its July 23rd issue. By August I'll be a published author!

Today Nick, Finlay, and I went on our first family hike in Poinsette State Park/Manchester State Forest. We hiked about 7 miles in not quite 3 hours. Highlights included encountering a large copperhead snake as well as a massive rat snake hanging in a tree. It should be noted that while I had a few momentary freak-outs when these encounters occured, especially when I literally was 6 inches from the copperhead, I cowboyed-up and kept going. I think Nick was impressed! Still, it was beautiful, fun, and great exercise. We're trying to build up to a hiking/camping trip for a belated anniversary trip in August. I think our pictures can tell it better than I can so enjoy!
We are ready to go!Nick and Fin having funHalfway done!Scary snake #2 - this is only half of him. The other half is on the other side of the tree.Almost done

Fin had a great time!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to tell Bob Johns about the 2 snakes. :) CONGRATULATIONS on being published! Dad & I are so proud of you! Bet Finlay did not get in the water... Love you -

dwight said...

Lindsay, CONGRATULATIONS on your article being published! That is so awesome. Please send me a copy of it. You'll never forget your first published work - enjoy it to the hilt! Keep up the great work...and watch out for the snakes. Warmly, Dwight

Anna M said...

Finley is such a great little dog model! Look at him posing in front of the lake. Sounds like this was a good hike!