Friday, November 9, 2007

Homecoming Part II

Please read Part I will make much more sense!
Campus Tour

After we left Nanny's house, the wheels began to fall off - arguably in a literal way. The old Tahoe decided, at the moment we pulled away from the curb, to perma-lock the doors, but in a way that wouldn't allow them to shut. Hence the doors began to flap open and threatened to take Dad with them. We returned to Nanny's house at 3:15 (our flight was at 4:40). Dad briefly tried to fix the doors, but in the interest of time abandoned that plan in favor of taking Nanny's car to the airport (thanks Nan). We got to the Waco airport without further event, checked in for a our flight, processed into the gate at the allotted time, and were set to go, until they announced, at our scheduled departure time, that the plane was awaiting a part in Houston, and had not left for Waco yet.

Continental automatically rescheduled everyone who had a 7p.m. connecting flight or later, but our connector from Houston to Columbia left at 7:30. Sparing you the unnecessary details, this ended in an hour-long delay in Waco, and Nick and me sprinting, yes sprinting, through George Bush International airport, in hopes of catching our flight. The issue was that we landed at 7p.m., but our other flight was scheduled to board, in another terminal, at 6:55. We made it to the gate at about 7:15, and had our flight not been boarding late, we probably would not have made it. We got to Columbia around midnight to find that only one of our suitcases had made it. Nick's luggage came in on Monday and all was well. At least they didn't misplace, oh, say, our dog, like American did last Christmas.

That's the end of the Homecoming trip story. I have been very very busy with class this week and apologize that I was not able to update sooner. Enjoy the pictures, and remember that you can see the others on Snapfish. If you need me to e-mail you an invitation to look at them, shoot me a line at

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Love all the pictures. It looks as if you had a great time. So glad!!!!! Happy Birthday!