Friday, November 9, 2007

Finally...Homecoming Part I

Herman Melville said," life's a journey that's homeward bound." While Nick and I hope this is true for us someday, we were content, last weekend, to return home just for a few days. As I mentioned before, Nick and I had the chance to go back for Baylor Homecoming as a birthday gift from my parents.

We left Columbia on Thursday evening and were in Waco by late Thursday night. Friday we had lunch at one of my favorite high school spots - Rico! The lunch stop was truly complete when I ran into two of my favorite teachers - Peggy Jezek and the former Jill Osborne, now Wilkerson.

After lunch we ventured over to campus, where Mom played photographer as Nick and I snapped pictures at our favorite spots all over campus. A highlight was sneaking into the Pi Phi room and seeing the clock that Mom and Dad gave to the room. I love it's new spot!
Dinner Friday night was, of course, at Ninfa's. The whole family joined in, and we were glad to see Mark and Lauren. We were also happily surprised to see Jim, Shelly, Kate, and David (Nick's aunt, uncle, and cousins) while we awaited our table.

Post-dinner it was on to the bonfire, with a stop at Lauren's apartment to visit our cat-nephew, Rocky. I also got caught up on wedding details, which is always fun! At the bonfire we were able to run into lots of friends and some family. We had a blast, and it was even better when we heard the announcement that Pi Phi had won Class A Float!!!

Saturday morning we, of course, attended the parade. It wasn't too cold, and the floats looked great, but once again, the highlight was seeing so many people that we haven't seen in a looong time. Especially exciting was seeing some of the new babies of friends and family, a few of whom I have seen growing up on their own blogs. A shout out here to Kayleigh Conlon, Price Boyd, and Price Dyer.

After the parade Mom and I went to the Pi Phi coffee, where we caught up with - you guessed it - more friends! Pre-game Nick and I were hankering for some tailgate action, the likes of which it is difficult to find at good ole' BU so we found ourselves at the George's tent. After a great burger and refreshments we headed over the see the slaughter that was the Baylor-Tech game.

For Saturday dinner some the family came over for Uncle Dan's I really enjoyed seeing Grandma, Boppy, Aunt Carol, Uncle Jamey, Matt, Stephanie, Camille, and Lily. As a sidenote here, Lily let me hold her and did not cry! This may be a first for me. I also opened some great birthday gifts. You should all know that Nick worked with a very limited wardrobe during our trip because he carried my new grind and brew coffee maker to Texas, for me to unwrap on my birthday. What a great husband!

Saturday night we did make a trip to Cricket's, how could we not? I loved seeing my college girlfriends guy-friends, and I was so sad to not have more time to hang out!

Sunday we visited FBC Woodway with mom and dad, and aside from some new paint and chair-covers in the sanctuary, it kind of felt like I had never left. I finally got to see Rebecca on Sunday afternoon since she was so wonderful to come down to Waco to visit. We only had a few hours to hang out on Sunday, but she's coming to visit in just a few weeks! Yay!

On the way out of town we were able to stop at Nanny's house, and I was very pleasantly surprised to get to see Aunt Sherri and Uncle William there too. We had a great, but too short, visit, and I know it will be too long until I get to see any of my family again.

Pictures of our trip will be in our Fall 2007 snapfish album if you would like to see more than are posted on here in Part II

To be continued...

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