Tuesday, August 21, 2012

iPhone Dump

Here are previously unpublished iPhone pics from June-present.
EC got her finger shut in a bi-fold door in Florida and had to go to the Eglin emergency room.  Poor baby!

Loving on the "woof-woofs" at the squadron 4th of July party

Making friends with Daddy's new DO

Happy baby, crazy post-nap hair!

She loves to sit on Daddy's motorcycle. 

Super-excited about her Cowboys shirt.  She can say "Go Cowboys!"

Just letting it all hang out during some outside playtime

Hello Kitty visited Dillards this weekend.  E wanted to see her, but not get too close.

And then she got really mad when we had to leave.  Not too mad to wear her Hello Kitty crown, though!

Last night it was rainy and cool enough for jackets! 

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