Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gulf Breeze Zoo

Yesterday EC and I made a 1 hour trek west to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.  I was super excited for this trip because it was supposed to afford a lot of up close and personal experience with the animals.  They had lots of petting/feeding opportunities for kiddos and a train ride through a wildlife preserve.  I was SURE Evie would love it.
 Here we are on our first stop, the train ride.  E is definitely unsure about the whole thing, but to her credit we did have to wait in line for 15 minutes to board the train.
 Eyeing her fellow passengers warily.
 We did see some cool animals!
 In the end, though, the proximity of the animals was a little overwhelming.  Evie spent most of the day telling each and every animal "bye bye" as she emphatically waved both hands above her head.  Honestly, the zoo day was a bit of a bust.  Here she is with some baby wart hogs, about as happy as she got the whole time.
We'll hit up the beach again tomorrow, and I'll try to get some cute pics for our next post!

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