Saturday, April 7, 2012

RCC Easter Egg Hunt

If you don't already know, Evie and I have decamped to Waco until mid-May because Nick is doing some school in Alabama for 8 weeks. Since he's gone, I'm going to post a zillion pictures on here since it's an easy way for him to access them.  Sorry if it's picture overload for our friends!
Mom was nice enough to take us to the Ridgewood Country Club Easter Egg Hunt today.  They had a bunny, chicks, ducklings, the Easter Bunny, facepainting, balloon art, and more!  Here's how EC did at the festivities.

 Fun with bunny!

 Getting brave!
 With Bear, the therapy dog.  He was her favorite and she called him by making a "click click" sound all morning!
 Loading up her basket!
 Post-hunt meltdown
 Egg hunt aftermath.  She got a gold dollar coin!  So excited!
 Pics with the Easter Bunny are on a different camera and will be forthcoming shortly!

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