Thursday, December 15, 2011

Evie Turns 1!!!

I know we've been missing for a while, and I have so much to catch up on, but what better place to start than with Evie's first birthday?  We celebrated December 2-4 with family and friends in Clovis.  Edie, Grandad, Grammy, Pops, Papaw, and Aunt Andrea all came out for the festivities!  Evie had a joint birthday party with her BFF Sophia, who is two days older than she is.  I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!
 Having some fun with Edie on her birthday morning.  What a chunk!
 Where is Grandad's nose?
 The fabulous cake!  Made by a fellow USAF wife.
 Mommy and the birthday girl are ready to par-tay!
  A quick pre-party snuggle with Grammy, Pops, and Aunt Andrea
 She loves her Daddy!
 Sliding with Edie on her present from Mom and Dad
 It's my party (and my bedtime) and I'll be pooped if I want to!
 Smash cake
 Mom and BG again post cake
 Loving some Edie Sunday morning (Gifts had to be pushed until Sunday due to a total post-party meltdown).
 I could get used to this!
 Fun times with new toys!
What do you get a baby Baylor Bear?  Not a rocking horse, but a rocking BEAR, of course!

More posts to come from Baylor Homecoming and beyond, but I hope this will tide you over.