Wednesday, March 16, 2011

 Isn't this precious?  I only wish there was MORE napping going on during the day.  I have ordered Ferber, the Sleep Lady, and Healthy Sleep Habits from Amazon and plan to do my research and begin trying to help Evie organize her sleep better ASAP.
 Here are Evie and Daddy out to dinner at Leal's with Grammy and Pops during their visit last weekend.  Sorry for E's weird face - I promise it was the best shot of the two of them.
 Trying to knaw on her tutu during dinner.  She's starting to get really into putting things into her mouth.
 Here are Grammy, Evie, and Finlay taking a morning rest.
 Fin's trying to steal a kiss!  We are working hard on educating him on where to kiss and where NOT to kiss.  Ugh.
Sweet sibling snuggle


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of a precious baby (and other family members). Ferber worked great for us.
Love you, Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

Looks like she loves that sugar from Finlay. :) Grandma Edie

Anna M said...

I just saw you in Evie's eyes in the picture of her gnawing on the tutu! Oh sweetness! And that jean jacket is AWESOME!
Good luck with the sleep training. You know you call me anytime. Love some Sleep Lady (though I didn't do Shuffle just like her..I can tell you more later).