Sunday, January 16, 2011

6 Weeks

On Friday Evie turned 6 weeks old.  In case we might have forgotten her age, we've been constantly reminded of it since her 6 week growth spurt has been in full swing the past several days!  She has been eating every 2 hours on the dot during the daytime but stuck to her four hour schedule during every night except Saturday when she slept really reslessly and woke up every 3 hours to eat.  Frankly, she's been pretty cranky this week, which means we haven't had much playtime.  Since she's spent most of her awake time fussing and crying, we have spent it trying to help her calm down and get comfortable.  And don't even get me started on the spit-up!  Yesterday she spit up 7 times before she was even dressed for the day!!!  I think that her hungry, growing tummy has just been demanding more than it can actually process, thus the spit up problems. 
Last night, when I had really reached my breaking point (Nick was at work from 2am-midnight) everything re-set to normal!  Phew!  Evie went right to sleep after I fed her at midnight and slept soundly until I woke her at 4am.  I let her sleep as long as she wanted after that, and she went until almost 9am!!!  Thank you Evie!  This morning she has been very happy, smiling and cooing and playing with her rattle.
Still, I don't have a great 6 week picture because, as you can imagine, capturing one this week was a challenge. 
Here's hoping that we have a happier baby this week!


Anonymous said...

She's a doll, Lindsay. I know she's in good hands. Thanks for the weekly updates.

Love you! Aunt Susan

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aunt Susan. You are a great mommy! Love, Mom

kelly said...

I loved getting to catch up with you. We'll talk again soon. Until then, love on that sweetie pie for me! :)


Anna M said...

Hang in there, Lindsay! Mason was a bad spitter...still is occasionally. Even Levi understood Mason's spitting up got my attention because one time he took a drink of his own milk, let it drool out of his mouth and then said "Levi spit up." Ha. Not fun, friend! I hope she grows out of it quickly!