Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thanks, Honey!

I have to give major credit to Nicholas for everything he's been doing around here this week.  He was super-helpful while my mom was here, but since she's been gone he has really been stepping up to take care of Evie and me.  He has changed 90% of the diapers, volunteered for countless extra late-night, post-feeding soothing sessions, and waited on me hand and foot, making and bringing me food, making sure I get my shower and getting-ready time, etc.  And he does it all cheerfully, like there's nothing he'd rather be doing!  Since I'm breastfeeding exclusively, I thought that I might feel like the one doing all the work, but these past several days I've really felt like the lazy one.  I'm going to be so sad to send Nick back to work on the 21st, but until then I feel so fortunate to have such a loving, helpful, and attentive husband at home with me.  Thanks, honey!


Anonymous said...

I can vouch for the validity of every word, as I was there and witnessed the new daddy in action. Nick, you are Father of the Year in my book! And it is evident that Evie adores her daddy. :) Love to all three of you - Edith/Mom

Anna M said...

Oh HOW LUCKY/BLESSED you are!! So glad you're getting such good treatment, Lindsay--it helps you be even better as a mama!