Saturday, February 13, 2010


There are conflicting reports of just how much snow we got here in Columbia yesterday. The airport says 8.6 inches while most other reports are about 5 or 6 inches. Any way you slice it, though, we got a lot of snow! I braved the roads last night to perform in the Cabaret mentioned in my last post, and when I had to drive home at 9pm the roads were totally covered in snow! I drove all the way from church at about 20 mph, but I made it home safely, with my friends Michael, Kelly, and "B" following me just in case. Here's how things looked by 10am this morning:
Nick's car - thankfully it already had the cover on it!Someone built this snowman in the field behind our apartment.This is the field where Fin likes to come and play. He loved the snow!Can you see how deep my bootprints go? The snow came all the way up to Finlay's tummy when he was walking around!

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Anonymous said...

Your Columbia, SC, snow made the front section of the Waco paper, complete with picture of child playing in the snow on the state house grounds under a palmetto tree. :) Love, Mom