Saturday, August 15, 2009

Afghanistan Pics

I don't think these pictures need much explanation. I'll just give you the captions that Nick sent with them. There are a lot, but I thought everyone would enjoy them!
Watching us pass
Village at base of mountain

View from Nick's barracks
View as truck commander
The hardball
Shura tent
Perspective - yes that's Nick's foot
Passing through
Nick in truck
Nick and friend - this guy works closely with Nick
Nick and another friend
Magic Trick
Landscape as seen from Chinook
Really big helicopter (my caption - not Nick's)
Hanging Out
Give me a pen
Command Outpost
For more info about Nick's deployment, check out these articles, written by a reporter who was embedded with Nick's FOB:
Please pray for Nick and his fellow soldiers in Afghanistan this week. With the national elections coming up, violence will certainly increase. Pray for safety, wisdom, and perseverance.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive. So proud of Nick! I'm praying. You know that. Love you both - Mom

Mary Beth said...

Those are some great pictures! The mountains are gorgeous. I also love the one in the aircraft of his foot :-) David and I are praying for Nick and his guys out there. Miss you!

Colby and Joanna said...

These pictures are great, makes things so much more real and closer to follow what he is doing. We will certainly be praying for him and goodness he sure looks hardcore in some of those! Hehe Hang in there girl!